Charli XCX just released a song called 1999 with Troye Sivan, the song featured numerous things that famous during that period, like the Titanic, Steve Jobs, Spice Girls, the sneakers that popular back then, there’s G Shock watch too, and MATRIXX !!! omgg that’s such a classic. Most of all I really love Charli’s artistry its unique, its not something that you can find easily in the music world. Most of her songs are based on electro pop, she is also using alternative pop sometimes on her music.

But Charli is also doing good at making a lot of different vibes along with her music, she sometimes making a sassy songs, but its not the “sexy” songs that makes you cringe, like I love the song Boys. I feel like sometimes I really love fangirling over boys from the sport that I watch, or from the music world..I feel like the song its cute, sassy, and flirty at the same times, in fact the words that actually used are the words that you can use to text your bestfriend, so I could say that the word is super relatable…

Also the boys that were used on the music video ; Taka, Jay Park, Riz Ahmed, Ty Dolla Sign, Theo Hutchcraft, are actually representing boys from different backgrounds which give her a point, because its showing that its not the streo typical way to see a guy, and they can be attractive when you want them to be ❤ Also Charli herself is proofing that she is a capable of doing a lot of things with her song writing skills, like the song Same Old Love sung by Selena Gomez, OMG sung by Camila Cabello featuring Quavo, and James Blunt’s When I Find Love Again..proofing that she’s not only a 1 hit wonder with the music world..I’m a fan of Fancy the one with Iggy Azalea it was my hit all day long when I was in high school 🙂 ❤

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