To be fair IU is one of the greatest soloist in South Korea despite her young age, she is dubbed as the nation little sister according to some news that I heard. Her genre is basically really broad, from R&B, pop, to sometimes ballad. This year she just releasing her non single album called BBIBB, where it gained another Perfect All Kill, and crashing the Melon streaming broken her record for Leon, where she collaborated with Park Myung Soo according to Forbes.

I really love her style in this music video, because I think she is very cool on this music video, the song has a lot of inspiration from R&B songs which you guys know that I love R&B music. There’s a lot of reference regarding the public’s views, peered that she got, and all the gossips around her. Its a song where actually the meaning its so deep without we realising it. She used a lot of symbolism like the yellow card as part of the warning sign when someone is breaking the rules, and lines on the track field, tennis court, and football court. I really love the way she’s done her music video too, because the aesthetic is really pretty, I think what differs her from other artists is that she’s not trying sooo hard to be looking differently, but she embrace her uniqueness that’s what I love. DKDK TV provides more in depth on what actually saying, they provides explanations on what’s the actual lyrics are talking about, the format of the channel is definitely gaining inspirations from the music blog genius, which I’m happy because some clause are actually not really well translatable.

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