A lot of artists are actually working together when there’s horrible things happening in the world. A lot of artists are actually providing bunch of charities through the work they are putting for the people who got the unfortunate events. In this post I’m not going to review every single song, but more listing the most important thing in life. As much as I know a lot of people are actually put a lot of stigma towards other people appearances, religions, and more. I meet an online taxi driver couple days ago, and his name, and appearance can be describe as someone that’s not really kind, friendly, according to the closest people I know. Turned out that that guys is actually comforting me by telling I should be okay, regarding the assignment drama. I have 3 friends from Etiophia that I think I’m closer with compare to the other people I meet in uni days. If you’re going to see what’s going on with the song listed below its going be, no judgemental towards other people, no matter what’s your religion, your race, I don’t think its matter. Because during the hard time we’re actually become one, and to be honest God never told us to be mean or not spreading the love towards others. #spreadthelove #worldwithoutboundaries #worldwithourstrangers

Artists for Grenfell

Music Matters for Japan

Lin Manuel Miranda – Feart Artists for Puerto Rico 

Various Artists 

Young Artist for Haiti 


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