+this week recap+

This week recap is all about my personal relationship with my university, so I have attended all classes for this semester (tutorials), its been great I reunited with one of my tutor that’s I’m very close with 🙂 I started to learn making music video, and talking inside of the classes all day. Meeting my friends that turned out to be great, Mekka and Hywot 🙂 thank you for being the most nicest group mates. 

Hywot turned out to be a football fan too, which I think its a bit funny, were both an England fans, and yeah fan girling while making the poster thing. 🙂 the shirt arrive after a week (the store was in Melbourne, and I live in Melbourne)….I actually starting to wear my make up after the pimples drama OMGGG I hate it soo bad, but kiss and make up bishhh 🙂 I mean I love make up but sometimes its a bit difficult when you have a very sensitive skin.

But to be fair I’m very sad with the class ended one of my tutor from my marketing class actually gave us chocolate, for our last class isn’t it sweet ? He was hoping that actually for the last class everyone would come, and have some discussions while submitting our last group project for the IMC plan, well I love my group, one of the most cooperative group I’ve been.


I have a new invention having latte and adding honey on it it feels like heaven, story time started when I ordered a matcha latte, but I think they put latte, since I have gastric I asked them to put honey on it and it feels great, so I ordered another one (at different cafe on the picture and its iced latte). I think I’ve told you guys about the assignment thing, and my driver (probably my favourite online taxi driver ever) having this euro dance song called What is Love, if you’re a fan of Eminem, he sampled the song for No Love feautring Lil Wayne..

Anyways I hope everything is all for the best this semester, my mum is coming, and I hope everything for the best for my results this semester 🙂 I started to enjoy my life in university, and next year is going to be my last uni year, I don’t know how should I feel about this, but I need to make it the best as I possibly coulddd.

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  1. priya says:

    Oh wow I’m from Melbourne too!! I’m currently studying Music Industry at RMIT, that last picture kinda looks like you’re in the city haha!! x

    1. waittt I’m in RMIT hahahaha OMGGG we should meet up, but currently I’m preparing the exam :(((

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