+mental health day+

Today October 10, is the world mental health day, which mean its very important for every one of us, actually helping others, and ourselves to battle up with mental issue. Which means every words that we spoke, or every deeds that actually did actually may change a person’s life.

Sometimes it might be through a simple acts like hugging, or kissing our loved ones, telling people that they are worth it, and most importantly less judge mental towards others. Telling people that they are specials are very important because sometimes our depression are affected on how we viewed ourselves. Knowing the boundaries of hurting other people’s feelings are very important too. For me, I’m very lucky to have my mum that brought me to her prayers, church, when our family in the middle of crisis. I also found my peace towards arts, and music. Where music, and watching sports actually thought me the meaning of persevere, and acceptance.

But most importantly for me most important thing is that we’re not having our label towards others, because its also damaging our own views to ourselves. I remember that I was called being to have darker skin by grandma, she called me for looking different compare to my younger brother. The fact that I used to hate my skin colour is also affecting in at some point. The other thing is that knowing that everyone of us are actually have our own blessings, it could be from your personality, you academic studies and more. Just because you’re not brilliant as the other kids that doesn’t mean you’re not smart, or less important. Just because you’re not girly as the other girl that doesn’t mean you’re less a girl 🙂 for me just be yourself….. 🙂 ❤

You Love


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