Either its for fun or not, but I think the music, and the music video is super cool. Sometimes we often think that as a girl, people are criticising girl for being “you’re way to fat”, “you’re way to ugly”, “your skin is way to dark”, “you’re to short”, “you’re not that representable for a girl”, “you’re too tall”, or whatsoever. The thing is the music is featured 4 beauty bloggers from Indonesia, Cindercella, Titan Tyra, Nanda, Minyo featuring the no 1 female rapper from Indonesia RAMENGVRL. I personally think the music video is very creative. Its more into the body shaming that they faced, or when someone just criticising your personality based on your job or physical appearance.

They were performing the song on YouTube Fan Fest in Indonesia, which unfortunenately I was not in Indonesia, but even if I’m in Indonesia theres no way that I’m going to go to the festival either, I lived outside Jakarta. The lyrics are mostly based on an English language, so a lot of people will actually know what actually happened. For the record I think, Cindercella’s verse is really killing it. Firstly she dressed in a huge clown outfits, which I think its a bold move, since beauty bloggers are often related to pretty, girly dressed, and also she rapped in Javanese language. I was born in Surabaya, lived in Malang, and definitely everybody surrounds are actually speaking in Javanese, however I’m not able to speak Javanese, I could speak Indonesian though (I’m sorry if my English are not good either). But I think she was the one that rapped in another language , RAMENGVRL definitely is a super cool girl. I love her style, she’s also very different from another female hip hop artists from Indonesia. She’s really has her own vibes, and style, so that’s why I love RAMENGVRL. Buttt KUDOSSS to the other girls who bravely speaking about the body shaming, or criticisms of girls :)))

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