+collaborations that you should know+

Before Blackpink collaborate with Dua Lipa, or BTS who collaborated with artists like Desiigner, Nicki Minaj, and RM with Wale, there are other artists that actually also collaborated with US-UK based artists in the past. I’ve linked below from the music that I found, and hopefully you guys are satisfied with something that I found, I can’t wait for Dua Lipa with Blackpink though, soooo I hope that no one will have a fight over this post because I literally enjoying the whole team/groups 🙂 🙂

Pixie Lott ft GD T.O.P 

This song is actually featured Marty James, however on the Japanese released for the album Pixie Lott collaborated with T.O.P and G Dragon. Well the song is also in English so you guys should look for the music. I guess its actually one of my favourite song from the English singer, one of her famous single is Mama Do. Yuppp that was a long time ago, actually I miss the whole pop singers back then, but at the same time its making me realised how old I am…

JYJ ft Kanye West, Malik Yusef

The other one is from JYJ, formed by 3 former members of TVXQ, and right now is they have their hiatus. The song featured Kanye West and Malik Yusef, this collaboration happened when K Pop start to get into its ground in the music world, and especially from the US-UK listeners. As you can see the quality of the music video is still in the 2010s but its worth it to watch it, I mean Kanye’s fans from South Korea, and JYJ’s fans are proud of the collaborations.

Baauer ft M.I.A, G Dragon

This one is a banger its a good work out song, and G Dragon, and M.I.A featured on it. I love M.I.A I think she’s one of the coolest female hip hop artists out there, and G Dragon, I miss him soo bad, and I hope he will going back healthy from the mandatory military service.

Skrillex ft Diplo G Dragon CL

This one is a classic, everyone knows that Skrillex, and Diplo are actually CL, and G Dragon friends, so the song combine English and Korean. CL’s rapping in both English and Korean, while G Dragon completely display his capability of rapping, and showing the world of what he is capable of, well I guess G Dragon is still the king of KPOP.

will. i. am ft apl.de.ap, 2NE1

Well we never know if actually 2NE1 actually prepare something with will. i. am or not, but at least we are lucky that Getting Dumb is actually being released. I mean Park Bom is really showing her vocal on the song, and CL really display her rap skills on the song. I could say that Black Eyed Peas was super big back then, but they went for hiatus, and the music listeners are actually starts to listen to different mixtures of music, and they care more about the views right now..but please don’t compare the collaborations between the now artists, and the previous generations of K POP.

Last but not least, actually there is one collaborations that I’m dying, and excited to see but I don’t think it will be released anytime soon


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