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Riz Ahmed is more than just a talented actor


Recently there are list of British actors that actually running the Hollywood film industry, almost half of the Marvel Universe characters are played by the British actors from Tom Hiddleston, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Kaluya are on the growing lists and recently they added 2 new members of the family, Riz Ahmed, and Tom Hardy.

In fact there are some some argument that British people are actually more “charming”, well I think its more than just their accent that actually able to make every single bad sounded word into an attractive one. And who knows that actually that Riz Ahmed is also a musician.

For the record after seeing his movie list and I saw Centurion, I watched that movie ages ago, and for me, I think he is such a versatile actor, from playing characters from a comic book, a historical character, to a drama based type of character.

Born and breed in London, U.K, Riz Ahmed got some Pakistani heritage. Riz is known to have picking up some political point of views on his rap lyrics. (you can educate people through rap music too) One of the most reputable moments for Riz’s music career is The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants (We Get the Job Done), featuring other artists such K’naan, Resident√©, and Snow Tha Product, and actually its feature other artists with different background of cultures, and religion. The music video was awarded MTV Music Video Award, for Best Fight Against System. But if you want to listen to the original ones, you can check it over here.

I think the best thing to learn diversities are through music, for me personally that’s the reason why I start to accept different people from different backgrounds. I mean what I learn from him actually embracing part of the culture that we are into in, for example the song Englistan, where he¬†centred the racism among the people in the neighbourhood that he lived in.

Also with the video that actually Riz Ahmed’s had is actually have a lot of referencing Asian culture to the Western culture too. At the end of the day, no matter what is your skin colour, your religion we are all are human being, and that’s all matters, and being spreading the kindness instead of hates are our number one goal right ?

Anyways I just realised about his music at the end of the course of my Music Video class this semester, too bad but actually his raps are not bad either, I just its unique because he picked up the topics that are not very usual to talk about, and also for example in the music of Swet Shop Boys, you could hear the Indian traditional music like Sitar, and Sarod on the background, so I found that’s very interesting. Let me know what do you think about Riz Ahmed’s music.

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