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Epik High is parting ways with YG Entertainment after their exclusive contract come to an end. As someone that’s part of the YG Family fan its a bit sad to see it happened, but people move on right ? when people are doubting Epik High, YG come to help them out. But I believe that we will see Epik High more in the future as well. Their last album with YG Entertainment was We’ve Done Something Wonderful , in the album they have artist like Oh Hyuk, IU, and MINO collaborating with him. I guess I haven’t post anything regarding about the album right ? soooo lets cherish the moment together with EPIK HIGH, I mean once a family, always be a family right ?

Home is Far Away

I love this song, because its chill and it reminds me that I live overseas and sometimes I do have a mental breakdown moment, where I think that I could finish the whole thing perfectly, or I’m way to scared to face my future, like “will I be a burden to my parents ?”, “will I be successful”, and other things like that. Probably its my favourite song from the song, because its very relatable to me, there are times where I went back to my home back in Indonesia for about 1 week during Easter break, because I just miss my home so bad…but yeah I guess home is where the heart is, and I miss my mum too (she’s coming to Melbourne soon)

Here Come the Regrets 

I love this song, because of the whole thing. I mean the lyrics is about not having any regrets its more a relationship point of view. But because I have no experience that so I have no comment on it. But I think the song was completely in English, I could recommend the song to everyone who are not listening to Korean song, but its a really good song. Both the raps, and the vocal on this song is just nailed it.

The Benefits of Heartbreak

I could say that I love the contrast part of this song, at the beginning of the song its almost like a Ghibli-esque type of soundtrack and I love Suhyun vocal its folky but not to vintagy, but more refreshing, but the rap part is talking about a hard relationship. Its almost listening to innocent girl, and she got a very bad relationship..(you know what I’m so scared to have my heartbreak)

Anyways thank you for the last 7 years with YG Entertainment, although I know k pop for about 2 years now. Also, thank you for the most amazing songs through out the years, once a YG FAM, always be a FAM, and we’re going to see them anyways on TV so nothing to worried about. All we need to do as a fan is support them, and listening to them 🙂 I think that’s the most important thing as a fan..HAVE A GOOD DAY GUYS

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