YG FAMILY (before 2010)




Before Big Bang is making a debut, even before they make a World Tour, break through the Grammy’s website in 2012, or even before 2NE1 slaying the music shows with their amazing music, fashion style. Even before Lee Hi, WINNER, IKON, AKMU, and BLACKPINK is slaying the music chart right now, there are other family members of the YG ENTERTAINMENT that I think everyone should know.

There are some artists that’s not part of the agency, but there are some that’s still in the agency like KUSH, JINUSEAN, and Teddy. And also there are artists that still active on another label, but the thing is its just to know the other generations before they are really making it this big. Actually all of their songs are still enjoyable to this day.




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Jinusean is definitely one of the most iconic duo in the agency they’re composed ofKim Jin-woo (also known as Jinu) and Noh Seung-hwan (also known as Sean), they are still active up to this day, I could say they are like the parents to the new artists on the agency. The duo was part of the show Show Me the Money 4 as one of the judges and they are representing Team YG. The group is one of the duo that’s influenced by hip hop style along the way. I could say they are still iconic on the kpop industry in South Korea.

 The group SoulStar is composed of 3 people Lee Chang Geun, Lee Seung Woo and Lee Gyu Hoon, they were the Soul Star . And actually they were named as the South Korea Boyz II Men, to me there is no such thing as the “The next Nicki Minaj of Asia” or “The next Cristiano Ronaldo of Japan”, because at the end of the day an artist should be living up to their best and no matter what you look like.

There is no comparison, maybe we can take some of the ideas or concept but that’s not the same 🙂 Honestly I love the song, and I think I could still listen to it to the current day. They are still active as a group 🙂 so I linked their newer music too.

This was the first ever YG Boy Group ever, called Keepsix, it’s too bad that the group actually disbanded after 1 year prior to their debut. However if you could see  the music video you can tell that actually they already embracing what we call nowadays the YG Swag, and actually you can see a lot of the influenced by Hip Hop cultural. I could say that YG is really on the run on making the trend, and I feel like the other groups nowadays are actually revisiting the style that YG has successfully embraced in the past, and adding their own touch. (no fanwar please)

SWI. T is another first ever girl group from the YG edition the group formed by 3 amazing ladies Lee Eun Ju,  Ahn Nai Young, and  Sung Mi Hyun, however the group also disbanded. After 1 member moving to the States, and another member having a personal problem its hard to keep up with the music that they are doing, the only member left is Lee Eun Ju, whom later married with Yang Hyun Suk himself in 2010. The group style is actually something that I’m really a fan of, they have bold styling which I think its different back in the day,  I can see where the style lead the 2009’s girl group 2NE1 who later break internationally in 2011 (although they got disbanded now).

YMGA is a duo from YG Entertainment, the group consist of DM (DIGITAL MASTA’) & Masta Wu (Wu Jin Won). Their contract ended by 2011, while DM starting to work with his own company at that time, Masta Wu decided to stay with YG Entertainment, and by 2016 actually Masta Wu decided to start his own company, but you know once a family, they’ll always be a family right ?





They are another group that debuted in the early empire of YG Entertainment they called Wanted, however one the member from the group, Seo Jae Ho died in a car crashed and they took a long time of hiatus. But they really have nice quality of music to be fair, and their music is so amazing too, I don’t think that I could find anything to said bad by far from the song that I found.







We can talk about YG Entertainment by forgetting 1TYM right ? I believe they are very iconic to the public, and the agency as well. Although they are not active there is no announcement either they are disbanding or not, with member Teddy is very active as the producer at YG Entertainment who producing hit for group like Bigbang, 2NE1, and BLACKPINK, Teddy is one of the most sought after producer in South Korea, and he has his own label THE BLACK LABEL whom he work with KUSH, that still under YG Entertainment. But to be fair I love 1TYM music as well, I don’t think its really seasoned when you listen to it, at the emerging of kpop world.

Before reggae is even hit in South Korea, YG Entertainment have their reggae moment with the duo Stony Skunk that composed of Kush, and Skull. Actually Kush is still working with YG Entertainment, and making hits for group like 2NE1 he also appointed to be a judge at Show Me the Money 5, while Skull left the company after his mandatory military service in 2008-ish.

The soloist Wheesung was also part of the YG Family, although sometimes its sad to know that your family is leaving, but its also seeing them growing up, and to be fair Wheesung is still one from the older generations that still able to attract the newer kpop fans too. He is also quiet active in the variety show like The Call where you are able to create music through the artist that picked up the call, actually South Korea is really creative to make their entertainment shows that makes us actually want to see it even more.


Lexy was one of the early baddest female of the agency, she is the solo female rapper from the early YG Entertainment, she also participated with the YMCA song from YG Family. The main vocal of 2NE1 Park Bom, was also collaborated with Lexy for Lexy’s song Baby Boy, and guess what ? the song is still listenable to this day, Lexy also collaborated with Taeyang back in the day (suddenly missing the old YG Family, but at the same time I love the new one too)

Big MAMA is also part of the YG Family, but they are more focusing on the vocal instead of giving dance move on the stage. When I listen to a song, I actually don’t really care about the face, because at the end of the day, I want to listen to some amazing music. My favourite from the group is called Breakaway, I mean I was able to find a few songs, but this song is my favourite from what I found. Let me know what your favourite.

Gummy !!!! its hard to move on from Gummy right ? but as always she will always be part of the family I guess, but she’s doing amazing up to this day. OMGGGG her voice is the one of the best I’ve heard too, and although I’m not a fan of dramas but everytime she got a soundtrack to release I’m definitely one that’s going out to check them out.

This guy is also one of the most iconic solo artist from the agency, he also got a lot of singles to released from the company. Although he decided to starting his own label after the end of the contract, he is still in contact with the agency like other former YG artists 🙂 I actually really love the song The Girl Who Can’t Sing, I think its very iconic especially when he share a stage with Park Bom 🙂 yup that’s my favourite one.

Before Lee Hi, and Park Bom is the R&B queens from YG Entertainment, Ji Eun used to be one of the main soloist, she was collaborated with T.O.P. from Bigbang as well for the song (아무렇지 않은 척 (feat. 지은). Ji Eun also collaborated with other early YG Family members like Lexy, Masta Wu, and 1TYM.

There not a lot of information about her, but its stated on the other website that she’s part of The Voice Korea, where unfortunately none of the judges selected her. There is a possibility that she entered the company with Park Bom too, because in my opinion her collaborations were similar to Park Bom’s list. She’s part of the girl group Lady Collection where the group disbanded shortly after the debut. Hope all the best for JC because she is very talented.

They ware called eXtra Ordinary however the duo didn’t last long, I feel like its too bad that we don’t get the change of them collaborating with the other YG artists, however it’s very interesting to how Yang Hyun Suk actually picked up his artists right? you’ll certainly understand the headlines of the company’s main genre, and they are apparently still targeting the same market, but with social media at the moment it’s definitely easier to get more conncected with the audience.

They were actually the hip hop group that debuted under YG back in 1999 they are 45RPM, so at this point I’m still 1 year old. So anyways they left back in 2008 because YG more focusing on the idol industry, but they are still around in the music industry, so be sure to checking them out at the music scene.

Did I miss anyone ? a lot of thanks to ygfamilyblog

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