akwaaba | Memphis Depay


Memphis Depay and Winnie Present Akwaaba


It looks like that footballer Memphis Depay knows how to use his talent at its best, Memphis Depay recently collaborated with Winston Bergijn or known as Winnie. Winnie is a Dutch rapper,  and based in Rotterdam Winnie himself is one of the most established rapper in Holland, and been active since 2005-06. And the other vocal that contribute to the track is Nana Fofie to make the track Akwaaba, she is described to have blend between European, and African sound to her music. You know what, the most exciting things is that with social media itself as fan of the sport games, we know that what’s the players are up too, because we’re all human, we do have hobbies that we love outside the main things that we’re doing right ?


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Also I know its a bit non-sense or you guys can say it, its funny but I listen to music that I don’t even understand the language. I mean I could guess the meaning of the whole song through the title if I want… 🙂 🙂 🙂 so akwaaba means welcome in Akan language in Ghana, as you guys probably know that Memphis’ dad is from Ghana. The song contained some folk influenced from Nana’s music style, but I have to say that Memphis and Winnie did pretty well.

I mean all I understand was walk by faith and not by sight, definitely its the line from Memphis as he sometimes posted the devotional reading on social media. I mean the world could just not welcoming everyone, but through Christ alone He is the only way that actually accepting the whole other people right ? I mean its also rare to see football player are actually pursuing their real interest outside the pitch. its so meaningful because it means although you have your main responsibility, but at least if you put a little effort for your own hobbies actually you can see it possible.

Guys if you know the lyrics of the song please let me know too 🙂 


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