+Toshinobu Kubota+


While looking at Naomi Campbell’s discography (such a fan of fashion people too) I found the name Toshinobu Kubota. And as you guys probably know that I’m a fan of Japanese songs too. The song is oldies but gold, so from what I found Toshinobu is an R&B singer, his influence are including by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and more. But actually when I first heard the song, I thought it was an English song but its not.

What I could said from the music that he performed is something that you are able to listen at a café, or a fancy restaurant. To me even if the song is not in English, but if the song is a good song, I would listen to the song. Toshi also collaborated with other artist like EXILE ATUSHI as well for his 2011’s album Gold Skool. Actually from the 2011’s album I love the song R’n’B Healing, but unfortunately I was not able to find on my spotify search. However if you are looking for his album on spotify, they have his 2000’s album Nothing But Your Love that I linked below. Anyways if you’re a fan of R&B artists you guys definitely must check him out, and you’ll not disappointed with him, in 2015 he also released an EP called L.O.K. where he collaborated with the famous Japanese rapper AKLO. I found one of the song, from the EP L.O.K. which I linked down below too.

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