+Logic’s :Young Sinatra IV Review+


Logic released his album Young Sinatra IV, in which its the sequel to his  Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, its the final chapter of the Young Sinatra from fourth album/mixtape from Logic. The thing with Logic is that the song 1-800-273-8255 was really huge, and the commercial success was so incredible, as you could search for the impact on National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL), in the three weeks following the single’s release, calls directed to the NSPL rose by 27%, while visits to their website increased from 300,000 to 400,000 over the following months. Before releasing Young Sinatra IV, he also released an album titled Everybody, where the hit tracked also part of the album. Anyways to me the track like Everyday was not able to make a huge impact like the hit single. But I love the song its something that’s very relatable to school life, working life, or anyones’ life. But I picked out few songs from the newest album.

First up, Wu Tang Forever although the younger generations including me are not familiar with the group Wu Tang Clan, but personally I could spot the logos everywhere. Also my first encounter with Wu Tang Clan was actually through CL’s Lifted when she mentioned about Method Man, and he also appeared on the music video. To me its a bit fun to listen on how Wu Tang Clan collaborated with the current, or newer generation of music, and how the younger generations are reacting to the old school hip hop vibes from Wu Tang Clan.

This is my second picked from the album, and surprisingly the last one. The meaning behind the music video is deep for me, its about parents that got separated from their kid from across the border between Mexico, and United States. Being a minority its definitely difficult in any countries, but at the end of the stories is that the kid became a successful doctor. Doctor here can be seen as a status symbol, because the university’s fees are expensive, and you need to be smart, so although you’re an underdog, and a minority the point is that never give up. And actually all parents are doing the best for their kids no matter what the conditions are. The music video was directed by Andy Hines , the man that also directed the hit single 1-800-273-8255.


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