+gyosen asakura+


Gyosen Asakura is a DJ turn buddhist monk in Japan, he is the 17th leader of the church on his family. Trust me guys if you listen to his music you are going to like it, why ? because in my personal opinion, he has a very interesting point of view regarding the current generations, there are people who are agree with the music that he made, and there are people who against it. People who against it saying that Buddhist should be something that is very chill, and quiet. However in the current days people left the traditions, because youngster are calling the traditions to be way too “traditional”. And actually its the same way with religion, I’m not a Buddhist but I could relate to it, its like when Hillsong making music its more generated to the public, rather than an old hymn.

The beats that he created are containing Buddhist chanting, and there are illuminations around the temple, so if I’m going back to Japan in anytime soon I’ll definitely going to the temple, and try to see what’s actually going on. I’ve found this video for quiet sometimes but I haven’t put my thoughts about it. He said “In an era lacking faith, I am hoping that with the effort and ideas from us priests we can keep passing on the Buddha’s wisdom from 2,500 years ago” its interesting that he wanted to connect the younger generations with traditions that they should follow. I mean I think its also could be for other people inspirations as well, for me I’m not really a fan of way to hyped music I also love old hymn from the church, because I could say its more soothing.

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