I personally think we are all familiar with the television show Empire, to be honest if I’m back at home in Indonesia usually I watch the series on Fox TV channel, the series have been around since 2015. Basically if I want to tell you guys whats going on its almost like the Keeping Up With the Kardashians music style, on TV. The main music genre from the tv series are R&B, and Hip Hop, which I think if you’re a fan of those two genre you watched the show. And also the best thing is that they have Timbaland as a producer for the music of the series, yup for those who doesn’t watch a Western TV Series you guys need to check this out.

Most of the characters on the series are actually a real musicians, which adding an extra points of the show. Well I don’t watch the series on every single episode, because of uni, and back at home sometimes I have family dinner so I can’t watch TV 🙂 but when I can I love the show. PS some of the actors are also good looking, so if you love to be a fangirl like me, you need to check them out. I mean the series is taking on hip hop culture on the present day, which I think is amazing. They have rap battle performances, and its very entertaining, I promise you that you will love the series if you haven’t but if you do love the series let me know what’s your favourite song from the series.

I think there are some realistic problem in the series that I think everyone could relate ; ie the family’s dowry, endowment, power, and money. I personally think there are more depth on it, other than a love story itself, and its the series that I like besides Gossip Girl. They also have some swag, and luxurious life style on the show which I think the current people are actually love “hypebeast”. Well I don’t hate Hypebeast style but there are people who killing it, and there are people who are not. #beyourself but I love the fashion on the series, even Naomi Campbell also make an appearance.

Okies the soundtrack or songs from the series are actually compiled into an album, and actually my choices are very mixed up, I’m going to wait for season 5 then (I CAN’T WAIT). The thing is they make the whole soundtrack like superb, and I really enjoy it, like if they are making a concert, I will definitely going to see the whole cast, and its very interesting on how they will perform it because they do really well. By far the critics are very satisfied with the series too, which I think making them keep on running.

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