Tha Carter V | 2018 Lil Wayne’s Best Series

Tha Carter V by Lil Wayne

Tha Carter V

Tha Carter V Lil Wayne


So Lil Wayne just dropped the album Carter V, he is one of the artists that I growing up listening to. Because he also collaborating with Akon, Jay Sean (if you guys remember them), Eminem, and more. So particularly I actually picked out several songs in my mind. There are 7 songs that I picked from the album, so its almost at least half of the album, I love most of the album I believe.  Lil Wayne also have certain series regarding Tha Carter chapters, here’s the review by Vulture.

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There are song like Don’t Cry featuring XXXTENTACION, that I thing is very special for everyone especially XXXTENTACION’s fans that’s really miss him soo bad, and the song is really him, and its perfect collaborations. To be honest with everyone I know that I’m not a fan of mumble rap, but I love Lil Wayne because he is one of the first people who make it through the mumble rap, and also one of the first artists that using the Lil status before its big in the last 2 years (now?). Don’t Cry is a very emotional song, and its not because XXXTENTACION is part of the collab, but through lyrically its just a bit sad to me.

Mona Lisa have to be one of my favourite because its featuring the great Kendrick Lamar, I went to his concert this year, and it was a dream come true for me. The track its just so cool, and simple hyped up the whole thing. I feel like they have both different style of rap, and the contrast giving them a special kicked, because you know in 2009 Lil Wayne was everywhere, and you almost able to find him on every song, and he is still big right now, even though theres a lot of younger generations try to make it big. But I’m so biased for Lil, because I listen to him when I was younger.

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The song featuring Nicki Minaj ; Dark Side of the Moon is actually one of my favourite song as well, because on the song you can listen to Nicki’s vocal, which I actually I also enjoy her vocal range too. The track is a bit more chill type of song (in my opinion) which I think is really good for a work out song as well, and a break time type of a song, simply saying that you can listen to it while you want to have a relax time.

 Other than that his solo songs are amazing too, like Dedicate, reminds me a song like in an island and I could just dance on the music, Mess as 88rising posted that he actually sampling the song Midsummer Madness, but I love the song though. You can listen to the melody of Midsummer Madness, but than Lil Wayne’s rap just killing it….Problems, and Can’t Be Broken actually sharing about the hard life, but Problems is more into the trap beat, and fast rap, plus mumble rap, while Can’t Be Broken is actually have a more miserable feeling on the introductions, but I love both songs.

Soo guys have you checked the album yet ? Let me know what’s your favourite song(s) from the album.. Happy Saturday 🙂

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