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So as you guys may know that the most awaiting anti her movie Venom will be releasing soon, and surprisingly Dok2 actually dropped a single out for the movie for the Korean released. As you guys may know that the actual movie soundtrack was made by Eminem, the song was included in the recent album ; Kamikaze. However this is not the first time that a musician(s) from South Korea, participating in a South Korea released movie soundtrack. With the current shows like High School Rapper, Show Me the Money, Unpretty Rapstar, is actually giving the chance of the musicians from South Korea to be more open to the public. Although for me there are a lot of cultural adaptation on the South Korea hip hop, but its still pretty interesting because they also support the musicians coming from their country.

The other artist that actually participated on a South Korean released movie is Black Nine, remember the movie American Assassin ? I remembered that hiphopkr actually mentioning this, but I haven’t own my own blog at that time, I tried so hard to look on the internet but I found NOTHING, thanks to my scrolling skills and I finally found it 🙂

So anyways, if you see the movie itself they don’t have a special track made for the movie, so I feel like a bit disappointed because I’m a fan of Dylan O’Brien.  So when I re watched the movie, I want to know who made the song for the Korean version. I feel like South Korea is really know how to promote their artist for global market, they even put Dok2 for Adidas Here’s to Create Ad. for the World Cup South Korea version, while other country mostly put subtitle on it. So anyways for the fans of Korean hip hop is definitely huge too, because you could see the fanbase like hiphopkr, or hiphopplaya, are actually providing interviews, and more on the depth of the current industry. So anyways what do you think about the South Korea version soundtracks ? do you love it ?

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