+SMTM 777 ep 1 & 2+

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Soo I have watched the Show Me the Money 777, people like Ph-1, Osshun Gun, and most likely Mad Clown, Reddy, and more familiar face are actually coming for the latest season of the show. Well surprisingly some of my favourite are already getting eliminated. I like this people because I personally think they are very interesting..shall we get started ?


Actually his antics is really interesting, he’s almost like an alien but he does know how to behave at certain level on his particular situation, well since its the competition I’ll add clips from the competition. But Dbo himself is actually a prominent artist in South Korea, back in 2016 he also made a debut on 88rising channel for his song Space but the song is really suited his personality. I wish that actually he will go to the other round, and see the collaborations with the other producers on the show.

D. Ark


At age 15, he got the flow and the confidence that the contestants need the most. Besides that he is very comfortable on the stage, and making the competition looks more fun to it. I mean the price point from the second round is actually able to make him gained of the attention, that even Osshun Gun was not able to show (I mean that’s not his best). D.Ark is one of the people that able to make it for the next round, so lets hope that he is not eliminated soon…

Osshun Gum 

Actually I’ve posted about Osshun Gum, and its a bit sad to see him not going to be in the next episodes of the show. To me it was not his best performance, but the thing is because he also stepped on the 3 battles, and its difficult, more over Osshun is still going to slay the whole music game. But definitely going to wait for what’s next of the music that Osshun will show in the future.

Link For The Episodes 

Episode 1 

Episode 2

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