Hii guys, sorry for being MIA for several days there are school/university task(s) that I need to do, and yeah the late submission by my group was a little bit of drama yesterday, but everything should be fine. I know I have not post a lot of Japanese or Korean artists lately, its because I am actually waiting for some of my favourite artist to release their new music, but at the moment I have not talk about LOOTA right ?

So Loota is a Japanese rapper that frequently collaborated with KOHH, but actually he is also a solo artist that released some amazing music to check. The rapper is also having an album called Dessin that also featured his long term collaborative artists like KOHH, and JayAllDay. Honestly aside from the flow that he is offering LOOTA has a good sense of fashion, more kind of understated swag, someone that not giving a damn, but still look cool without trying too hard.

Earlier this year he got to collaborate with Ikaz Boi for the title Another Card, its fascinating how Loota picked the work on balance between the big names, and the indie ones too, Loota also collaborated in an EP this year called Me, for the title Metro Interlude, anyways although as a fan we kind of miss he is doing a full album, but its still a present for the fans to see their/our favourite artist keep on making new music out there, its definitely understandable that , making a music need a lot of efforts, and time, its not something that on the way in one day, and so yeah hopefully in the future we can see more of his artistry 🙂

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