I found that card on tumblr, and I think that guy need to be given an award for collecting the cards since 1998. The reason why because I want to look how Steven Gerrard is evolving in all those years with the team that he supported, and played. His last World Cup was back in 2014, and after that he considered to retire451157276.0d from an international duties. Being the captain of England he got to lead for 4 years, and actually he was asked to stay until Euro 2016, where actually he could play with Dele Alli. May 15, 2015 was the most unforgettable moments from him, and Liverpool fans, leaving the game for the one last time, but they lost at Anfield as well. People might laughing at him, but you don’t need to asked the loyalty that he gave to the club. While people sometimes joked that he slipped when he almost win the League title, I mean everybody’s slipped on the pitch, and its just a bad timing, why don’t people look at the good times he gave to the team ?

What I regretted the most is that I’m not able to see Steven Gerrard played in his red shirt, that captain, that England shirt, that Anfield moments, but I will forever be a fan of Steven Gerrard, and England (although people laughing at me when I cheered England). I couldn’t be happier back at days when I waited Liverpool, and Steven Gerrard on TV, as I stand infront of the TV and my brother will be annoyed because of that. 🙂


But to me there are people who accepted a big clubs offers when they don’t have much trophies along the way, but he stayed to the city that he grew up, and supporting. Even said that 10 trophies if he moved to Inter Millan, and Real Madrid will not able to replaced the same feelings of winning a couple of trophies with Liverpool. José Mourinho tried to bring him to 3 clubs that he managed but never came, well that’s the only player that José could not get a hands on. I finally found a song that praised Steven Gerrard’s skills. Its from a Korean hip hop duo, Jazzyfact titled Big. The duo is consist of Beenzino, and Shimmy Twice, the lines was translated Like Steven Gerrard’s kick Scale needle swinging barrel

Steven Gerrard의 킥처럼
통 크게 스윙하는 저울의 바늘

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