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Champion League is back, and what do you guys think about it ? its almost like a World Cup, but only on the European League, and definitely if you missed the World Cup you can still able to find your favourite stars, or I can linked my favourite players 🙂 🙂 and definitely we got some amazing results yesterday, for Liverpool fans, but just to let you guys remember that we need to be HUMBLE for the results that we are achieving for the last 6 games. Roberto Firminho was amazing despite the eye injury and still scored a goal, as for Sturridge, its good to have him back, and yeahhh he scored during Liverpool against Paris Saint Germain. Although its hard because I’m also a fan of Neymar, but yeah congratz to the Reds, and also Trent Alexander Arnold. As for Raheem its so sad that Manchester City lost to Lyon, and Dele Alli is still injured. As for Chelsea they are competing in the Europa League which I think its still fun to watch, and we can see Eden Hazard there.

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Anyways guys for you guys who want to buy the Jordan X PSG, you can find it a lot in Australia because they watch another football competition here. But with talking football competition, especially in the European competition we can forget England as the based right ? Yup their fans are amazing, and the group Krept and Konan got a song dedicated to the competition.. 🙂 overall I really hope that everyone will enjoy the rest of the competition, and I could not choose as a team I mean,  I am more into the player’s fan…and yeah by talking about the champion league we can’t forget the 2005 moments right ? when Liverpool left 3-0 in the first half, and literally come back at the second half and won it.. Its a bit sad that Steven Gerrard is not playing anymore but anyways it will be a special moment as a fan of Stevie G.

‘Cause this is Champion League shit
You ain’t even in the Prem yet

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