killshot | 2018

Killshot by Eminem

Killshot, Eminem hit back at MGK

So Eminem replied the MGK dissed track with Killshot, and its so brutal 🙂 I have to say at this point that no one should making a beef with Eminem. Machine Gun Kelly burst to dissed Eminem after the song Not Alike by Eminem, brought back the topic of MGK mentioning Hailie, by commenting her being “hot”. But at that time she was 16 years old, so I personally don’t think its also appropriate to mentioned someone like that, besides Eminem is her father. And if MGK wants to dissed Eminem at least he needs to be better, because most of the things he said on the track actually is what was written on Kamikaze’s album in general, and Eminem said it already that his album wasn’t doing great (Revival).

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Killshot is something that will hit someone on the face really hard, and its something that will be hard to fight back for, because its really on point. Eminem pin pointed everything that MGK said on the previous dissed track, which I think making Eminem at a huge advantage. There are lines like Alien brain, you Satanist (yeah)My biggest flops are your greatest hits, which I think was so true, I only remembered the song Bad Things from MGK, and that’s because Camilla Cabello was on it, and she took the spotlight 🙂 #sorryMGK. MGK should know that although Eminem is having a collaborations with Rihanna, the work are being done accordingly, and Rihanna’s vocal complementing Eminem’s rap without taking away from it.

There are even lines talking about G-Eazy and Halsey, as MGK was spotted with Halsey during her break time, and now she’s back with G-Eazy (which I love it) You dance around it like a sombrero, we can all see You’re fuckin’ salty ‘Cause Young Gerald’s balls-deep inside of Halsey. So at this point it will be hard to dissed Eminem back, so SLIM SHADY is back, but HE IS BACCCKKKKKKK

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  1. Fuxk mgk!
    “Marshall 100 – mgk0”


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