+LeBron James+Kevin Durrant+

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Hii guys, I hope everyone is doing well with the university things, and I’m doing pretty well I believe. I finished up with my YouTube class, and just now I saw LeBron James released the track IT AIN’T EASY featuring Kevin Durant. According to some of the news the track was actually recorded back in 2011, during NBA lockout, features Durant, then with the  Oklahoma City Thunder, defending James, who had just lost in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks. Well its actually no surprised that NBA players are actually showing off their skills in music, and not only that hip hop showing the culture on the sports and vice versa.

I personally think that the track is contained something very genuine as a person. Its something that’s relatable for an athletes, as they face a lot of struggles, and challenges in life regarding their competitiveness. I knew that their training sessions are almost 12 hrs a day, which I think that I’ll be passing out on day 1, and to lose on a game is definitely something that’s very difficult to take. But the loveliest thing above all is that outside the pitch there is no rivalry, and they’re friends #sportmanship 🙂 so I really love it, its a song that I would suggest everyone to listen before a game, or their exam.

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