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I would say congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning your 14 Grand Slams title, its been a while since I saw Novak Djokovic on the Grand Slams finals, but most important thing is that he’s coming back this year, winning 2 majors ; Wimbledon, and US Open. Although the road was ups and downs, but I think the determination is the key of getting back up right ? I’m so happy for Novak, as he is one of my favourite tennis players, I used to cry when he lose on the match that he played, but that was when I was teenagers. I watch tennis because the Premier League was a little to late to watch during school time, but more or less I really love tennis, players like Novak, Federer, Nadal are always going to be hard to forget as they always dominated each other, and the whole game and now they are all in their 30s.


giphy (9)There are times when its so hard for me to predict who will be the winner of the Grand Slams for the last 2 years, as a lot of players like Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer are undergo surgeries, and other injuries, it was a bit sad for me not seeing my favourite players on their A game, but this year’s all majors winners are my favourite so I’m very happy with all the results given. Although there are sad moment this week, with England lost 1-2 to Spain, and Dele Alli got injured. But all the best for Dele Alli to for his treatment with Tottenham Hotspur, and hoping he will be playing this week for Tottenham, and its a bit sad with Danny Welbeck’s goal situation, England could played better but, anyways Novak won and that’s all matter. Spose got a song The Art of Storytelling, Part 1, that mentioning Djokovic !!! I guess I linked a lot of tennis and music related before, so you can check it our here.

Always looking like Novak Djokovic

Get well soon Dele !! 🙂


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