LSD just released a music video for Thunderclouds not long ago, their debut album will be released soon by this year. I posted about the other two previous released over here, I really love the creative direction of this group. The thing there are times that the art of the music video in the US music market is like “death”, I love the crazy music video of Lady Gaga that’s very much cool, and Taylor Swift that always putting effort on her music video, it makes people watching it over and over, but I also love the art of theatrical like music video given by Sam Smith, and Adele. But for the R&B, indie R&B, or hip hop music are sometimes missing the fun elements of the music video, but I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar’s, Kanye West’s, and Eminem’s music videos, I really love their direction.



tumblr_peq6wurzIW1wa4ss4o9_1280.pngNonetheless I really love the art of music video for Thunderclouds, I feel like the animations are really cool, it reminds me of a lot of Japanese influenced theme from anime, which I really love. The clouds reminds me of Dragon Balls, the flying buss reminds me of the movie Sky High when I was a little. I think personally the music also giving a lot of story, when the bus is down, and up, despite its a bit of bitterness towards a relationship the pink sky giving me a little hope, so I think the meaning behind it is to stay strong in a relationship. I personally think that the reference of Thunderclouds is to the relationships, there are good times, and there are bad times of the times. I love the way that SIA was represented by a doll on this video, I think its cute

Where did love go?
When all is said and done


You’re asking me to stay
But I never met a man I could trust

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