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What I learned from football players is that although you might have a tough game on the field, you’re still human. We might have different belief, but what makes me appreciate Keita is that he cleaned up the mosque after he won the game, before the international break. And what he said, on football as a girl I might definitely fan girling over the good looking players out there. But at the same time I found them cool, and so charming with their own terms. I learned that you might want to have more than just the looks but personality. I mean my favourite players from Naby Keita, Roberto Firmino, Dele Alli, Steven Gerrard (retired), Lucas Moura, Neymar Jr, Paulo Dybala, Shinji Kagawa and Raheem Sterling. I learned that its more than just a game, I often said winning or losing it doesn’t matter as long as their good looks still there do the rights #methinking

‘Then once I’m out on the field, I say a little prayer for my team and for everyone on the field, both sides, so that nothing bad happens, no-one gets injured. Yes, I do that every single game, pray for both sides so nothing untoward happens, like a bad injury.’ – Naby Keita

“Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”. Neymar

 I want to be remembered as a man of God, a person with good attitude and for me, I believe that is what matters most, the character, the good example of a person who helps people to find God. I want to be remembered for that. – Lucas Moura



Other than that I just think they teach me that life isn’t easy as it seems, Dybala whose father died at his young age, and Dele whose coming from MK Dons to Tottenham Hotspur. Although with Dele its family issues became a hot issue on the media, Raheem Sterling whose father died when he was two years old. Shinji Kagawa as the first Asian player to scored hat trick in Premier League literally telling everyone that everybody can do it too.

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