+Dear, Mr. Jokowi+



Next will be my first experience to be able to choose my president, and I’m very excited about that. To be honest its all your choice regarding who will you pick for the election later, but I’m definitely rooting for Mr. Jokowi. To me, to be leader its not only the physical strength that you need, but also the heart. To be a leader isn’t easy..why ? because you need to be ready to take the blame, you need to be ready to protect the people. Being a leader its hard, because when we got to hard, the people are sometimes will be very abrupt, but when the leader is being too kind he will be criticised for being not assertive enough. But being a true leader it meant that he really wants to care to those who need it. Being a leader means that you need to be selfless, and did Jokowi did that ? yes he went to the house of the villagers after the earthquake in Lombok, when people criticising him for a reasons to look for the flaw, he didn’t hit back to those people.



President Jokowi is really reminds me of President Obama, both know when to have fun, and being serious. President Jokowi also named for 2014 Most Influental People by TIMES, and named for Fortune Most Influental Leaders. The thing is people will never be getting enough. Just remember when you being a kid, and you annoyed your parents, its the same thing, but its on different scale. But the last few years after changing my university major, it took me a while and realised that nobody is perfect, everybody has a flaw, and its not our job to critised others by looking at their flaws, because sometimes we also made the same mistakes. To be honest when you want to critised other people you should at least be a better person than him or her. There’s other accomplishment that he gave to Indonesia, for example giving Papua more energy, the highway road that being build during his time.



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