So SM Station is a digital platform to share music from SM artists since 2016, they uploaded the content every Friday since 2016. The SM Entertainment artists took part at different collaborations from a lot of artists from South Korea. Recently the AOMG rapper, LOCO teamed up with Baekhyun to released their music Young. As people may know R&B, and hip hop genre is huge right now in South Korea, and I think that this music also offered an amazing song to listen to, and people may know that people in South Korea making their music video to the next level. I could say, I now understand why girls are loving their favourite singers from South Korea.

I could say I really love BoA, since I knew her since the InuYasha era, considering I grew up watching anime, and I love their opening, and ending songs. I have to say that this project is relatively amazing, they took different approach with the music videos as well. For BoA featuring Beenzino, they took an animated approach for the music video, and for Shindong featuring UV, they took approach of comedic scenes, but I love the music. As for IMLAY featuring Sik-K, I personally think its more into a mysterious approach, their music video is still on point, with the colour schemes. But I have to say my favourite video from this project is Charm of Life, I mean I love Kim Heechul because he is so funny. The music video also consists of the cameo of Nucksal, and Nucksal just came to Melbourne but unfortunately I’m not able to come for the show, or event, because I’m doing something else with my friends 🙂 🙂 🙂 YASS watching CRAZY RICH ASIANS..But anyways its an interesting approach for introducing different music from South Korea, in fact I also think its a great marketing to make their artists being for approachable from variety segments of music.

music videos that I linked are based from (old-new) 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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