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One of my current favourite artists is Troye Sivan, and he is from Australia. To be honest there is this sound from his music that making me listen to it again and again. I have to say that he got that sassyness, that I really like it, in terms of the musicality. Happy Little Pill is the song that I just discovered, I really like the beats on the background of the music, I think its really cool. Based on what I found he used a lot of Electropop, and R&B based, and I think that’s really cool. A lot of the songs from Troye Sivan are perfect for your own dance night inside your own bed room.  Although Happy Little Pill was released back in 2014, its still listenable in 2018. If you love his recent collaboration with Ariana Grande, Dance to This then we’re definitely friends !!!!

Aside from that I feel like Troye is really know what he’s doing with his music video, so the colours schemes that came out from the videos are also pretty. Its really matching with his own style, and I think its very important for an artist to have that connection with the music video, so we’re able to understand better on the music. Another song that I like from Troye is definitely My My My. To be honest I really love the edge given by his moves, because it looks really cool and very contemporary.

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  1. tarini says:

    oooh yes i love troye too! have you listened to his album bloom yet? (it sounds incredible!) and if you’re interested i also wrote a review of bloom on my blog.


    1. yess I love him 🙂

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