Hii guys I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, or weekdays, my holiday is coming off very soon. So I guess before the university started again I want to write a recap. This week Eminem dropped his album, which a little bit unexpected to me, I reviewed it on the post here. On that album he also dissed bunch of rappers that’s more being clearly addressed/explained by the Genius team. I particularly also fond with his song Not Alike, after MGK addressing Eminem’s daughter Hailie, and as a daughter myself I really appreciate that father protection. If I’m one of those people I’m not going to mess with Eminem like ever, because you never know when he will came back, but he’s just not came back, he’s CAMEEEE BACCCCKKKKKKK TWICCCEEEE !!! I mean Revival isn’t bad to me, I think that album is amazing.

So G Eazy, and MGK also dissing with each other, so its SHOW ME THE MONEY in real life, for the diss battle guys !! G EAZY came up with the dissing track called BAD BOY, after MGK dissing him on a radio show. Yup you can see the line for MGK please stop trolling me, get over me You wanna be me, you’re mad that you’re not as big as me. MGK apparently dissed G Eazy with the background of G Eazy’s No Limit beat…

Anyways I can’t wait for the rappers are going to react on the KAMIKAZE album as well, considering a lot of people are not really into the Revival. But looking through it I think its also part of the emotional journey of an artist, and I really appreciate a song like Bad Husband, and Arose. I personally connected to the songs because its really personal to me. Why because, I went through a similar situation, for example the lyrics from Bad Husband “You hit me once and that I would use To continue the pattern of abuse Why did I punch back? Girls, your dad is a scumbag, I’m confused” which I think he also dissed himself for dissing his wife back then. And as for the lyrics for Arose “It’s arrivederci, same nurse, just heard say they’re unplugging me And it’s your birthday, Jade, I’m missing your birthday Baby girl, I’m sorry, I fucking hate when you hurt, Hai And sweeties, thank you for waiting to open gifts” because at the end of the day its not really showing off your money, or your icy watches. But because I’m not close enough with my dad, this album is meaningful to me especially the line I just thought about the aisle I’ll never get to walk us down Never see you graduate in your caps and gowns because it was so meaningful to me, and as a daughter myself once again this album is more family related.

Did I miss a think ? last but not least I want to say my appreciation to AJ TRACEY for mentioning DYBALA !!! For those who doens’t know AJ Tracey (I think if you’re reading my other posts you should know who is AJ TRACEY, or if you’re a GRIME FAN(s)), he is one of the best Grime artists from UK, and Paulo Dybala is a football pladownload (4).jpegyer from Argentina, rumour has it he’s going to Real Madrid, but anyways good luck if its so, and I’m happy for you as a fan. And yeahhh he’s also very cool looking guy !


Spray bars, no brakes, just wheels
Dybala on the pitch, I’m young


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