Hii guys my other favourite football player is non other Roberto Firmino, I personally think he is amazing football player, he’s very sharp on the pitch. Firmino is also a tattoo lover, although I’m not intending to tattoo myself, but I love the stories about people’s tattoos, my favourite from him are ;  “Deus” tattooed on his neck, which is Portuguese for God, God is faithful” tattooed on his chest in Greek, his wife, and daughter name on his chest. I think that’s pretty much telling every single story, but also I consider that he also got a lot of hardship during his life in Brazil. To me the reason why I love my favourite football players, are their stories, I feel like because I nagging to much over things that I should be grateful in my life. I really hope a lot of good things will happen to Liverpool, the club that I really fall in love with football of the first time 🙂 Scroll down below for an interesting grime music that I just found !!!!


The rapper that making the song Transfer Window is Reload, and his birth name is Christian Nembhard, from Oxley. So basically the song is about the whole transfer window on the Premier League I supposed. The song was fun, I think it could be an example to make a song when you’re going to an exam, and you have a hard time to memorize thing, yup I think making a song will be one of the best choice to follow.download (3)

Reload is one of the best Grime artists in the UK, based on my personal reaction :), he is working with DJ Semtex, for this track. I think Grime industry in the UK also rising, because the connection with the football things sometimes, well considering football is one of the most favourable sports in the world, and Grime usually taking a lot of interesting topic as well. The energy generates from the music is also fantastic, so I guess that’s why I’m loving it. As for now that’s the only song that mentioning Firmino, but hopefully the next future as well.

I stay humble the best rappers have to wear seagull
11 out of 10 like Roberto Firmino

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