+My Kanye’s Favourites Picked+


To me my relationship with Kanye’s artistry as a fan is a love and hate relationship. Sometimes I feel like his point of view for his creative direction is super cool, and beyond my imagination. I really truly appreciate his creativity. As someone who also a little bit bipolar, our emotions are not constant. I feel like sometimes Kanye just say whatever he wants to say, without thinking twice, and yup I got the same problems here. Regardless, I don’t want to comment on what his point of view on politics, but I believe people got agree, and disagree arguments, and key points, and its all about your opinion. But I realised that some of his musics are still dope, although I think he is just beefing with everyone. PS The music videos are not on order. 

This was my very first rap song, it was during the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Super Angels sections, if I’m not mistaken. I feel like, I’m the coolest one when I heard about it, back then I could read faster as now. But yeah this will always be one of my favourites for my very first rap song, together with Super Bass. I love the animation, it was inspired by Akira, and just to let everybody knows he’s a fan of the anime.

This is a little bit older music video, but I love Rihanna. That’s the reason why I love this song, Kanye’s is a little bit like screaming on this song, but I don’t mind, its one of my favourite songs from him as well. Its also featuring his long time collaborator like Kid Cudi, and more. I like the music video was filmed as well, I mean the lights is definitely there ! Its very stylish as well, I mean Kanye’s fashion, and Rihanna’s fashion are the best.

This was rumoured to be the apology song for the Taylor Swift’s feud, before it starting again. The song is from the album : My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in my opinion the ballet, is really adding the classy style of the music video. I love the colour schemes on the music video, like the black and creme colour, are just two contrasts colours that look beautiful. It looks soft, but dark at the same time, and the ballet dancers are just amazing, also with the piano. Pusha T, and Kanye were both delivery their lines well.

I love that this music video looks like a moving collage, the reason is because the song is really hyped me up for running, or any other outdoor activities. I love that Kanye is being at the center piece of the music video, despite the goddesses surrounds him. It reminds me of a Greek Painting, its dark, beautiful, and I love it. Its one of the short music video that I’ll look again and again.

As much as people hate Kanye, but a tribute song for his daughter is the cutest thing ever ! I mean I don’t have a strong bond with my father, so anything related to a father daughter things for me are the cutest thing ever. I don’t hate my father though hahaha, he’s just been busy with his work, we’re in a good place.  🙂 The best part of it, was the music video was filmed in a very personal way, so yeah I love it.

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