+Lucas Moura+

 I want to be remembered as a man of God, a person with good attitude and for me, I believe that is what matters most, the character, the good example of a person who helps people to find God. I want to be remembered for that. – Lucas Moura on xtheline

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Lucas Moura was just so mesmerising on the last 2 games with Spurs. He scored 3 goals in total of 2 matches leading to the Tottenham Hotspur winning, both home and away games. Yet something that I really appreciate from Lucas Moura is actually his faith.  On an interview with xtheline, where Moura shared that he started reading the Gospel by 2013, when he moved to France and realised that God truly love him. He also saying through reading the bible he found peace, and no longer afraid to move far away from his home land Brazil. In which he also stated

“I live at peace with myself and with my future. I know that God gives me a security, a comfort and this allows me to be happy.”- Moura on xtheline

On the Tottenham Hotspur players initiation he stated to the whole team, and sing a Gospel song with a French language. In which I think its very impressive, sometimes to me I don’t even know how to come a situation that I can explain to others on what I believe in. Moura believes that God wants him to fulfil His work through football, and he is very grateful to the talent that God gave him, and he will use it according to his environment, and he hopes that he will able to encourage other people through his journey.

 I am very grateful to God that I have been able to live this dream of becoming a professional football player.-Lucas Moura on xtheline

Anyways the fun part now is that one of French rapper called IGOR LDT making a song called Paye en cash, and he mentioned several times about Lucas Moura. Sometimes when we see out idol, we must think he is the greatest one. But I realised that without having God as our back, we’re truly nothing. I believe that life isn’t a high way road. Its an obstacle, and God will not leave us is totally true. Sometimes the wait of the prayer is long, sometimes isn’t. But I do believe that I think believing in God, you’ll find your inner peace.


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