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Thank you Vardy for all the hardwork that you’ve shown us in the last couple of years. Maybe I’m to late to fall in love with the new England National Team, but the work that you’ve shown during the World Cup in Russia was the best part of your international career. I know that you’re open when injuries happen on the team, and you’ll comeback, so I hope we will see you again in the next future. I’ve no idea why I wrote this post as if I’m breaking up with my boyfriend. But England national team is always be sentimental to me, they are the first team ever to brought me to football. Particularly I really a fan of Steven Gerrard, people making fun of me when I’m cheering for them, but I don’t care.451157276-674x420

Vardy is one of the most funniest player on the national team as well, I know that his called up might be a little late, as he approaching his late 20s back then. But every bits that they spent as the new England National Team was so special to me. First time ever England going to the semi final after a long time, the players are I think funnier as well, and more relatable to the fans through social media, and more.

Although I’m a die hard fan of Steven Gerrard, but Vardy will have a special place for my fan girl moment as an England’s fan. Ticnhy Stryder, Example and Tempa T got a song that dedicated to Vardy I believe. When Leicester won the League, and they were the underdogs, but amazingly they won ! Nothing is impossible πŸ™‚ I would like to say thank you for Gary Cahill as well, for serving the country very well. Thank you for playing your position at such amazing style, hoping all the best for all the stuffs that you’ll do in the future ❀


Leicester City won the league and that’s fact
Hella goal-scoring, other teams got banged
Jamie Vardy, he delivered that pan
2016, chat shit and get banged

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