My other favourite is non other Neymar Jr. who is super amazing and talented at football. Anyway not only he’s super funny he’s very good at entertaining as well, he might not be good at rapping or singing like Memphis Depay, Jesse Lingard, or Dele Alli, but his confidence is the best, as you can see when he’s on stage with the Brazilian singer Michel Teló. And as you may/not read about my previous post about football, and music related here. Neymar is often mentioned on one of the best rap songs, and usually rappers use it as a comparison for one of the best, in which he is. At a young age Neymar already making his own history, and I really like the way he carry himself out of the pitch.

You might read about the Dizzie Rascal featuring Calvin Harris on my previous post that I linked above, and the other song that I choose mentioning about Neymar is by the British artist M.I.A. titled Go Off. I really hope that Neymar will always continuing with his success, and also despite with all the successful career he’s not forget to give back. Neymar also campaigning with UNICEF for some charity both internationally and for Brazil, he also took part on UNICEF Imagine, during his time at Barcelona.

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But more than just a super star Neymar is also one of the people that are not afraid to share their faith on public. He also posted a YouVersion Verse of the Day, considering I also used the app, I included the English version on what Neymar posted. I also think that at the end of the day I don’t think you can judge people from their looks, or their physical appearance. And actually by reading some of the athletes stories it makes me feel, and think “what have I done to Christ that maybe help or able to give an impact for other people”. Sometimes we often think that person is full with tattoos, and therefore he’s a bad guy. The prejudice against other sometimes making us closing our heart to others, that need our help. I don’t suggest you guys to have a tattoo as well, because its painful and one thing you need to consider its permanent ! 🙂

“Life only makes sense when our highest ideal is to serve Christ”. Neymar


Through the people that I posted like Kendrick Lamar, BewhY, Memphis Dephay, Daniel Sturridge, Lucas Moura, and Neymar. All of them got different background, race, and many more. But one thing is that we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope things that I posted are helping you guys, more than just the musics that I shared. I don’t suggest you guys to be a rapper, or football players, because I’m not a rapper or football players either. I’m learning and constantly learning, but isn’t amazing that I found those stories randomly through the internet ? including Psalm 24:3 from Dele Alli’s tattoo, nothing is co incidence, because everything got its own meaning, and purpose those stories for example helping me to relate on the current issues that I face.


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