+Lewis Hamilton+


Hi guys so I think I’m in the moment of appreciating this athletes that I’m a fan of. I guess because musicians look at some sport people on their A game, and athletes also listening to music a lot. So I guess the world is just so connected to each other without we noticing it. My other favourite athlete is Lewis Hamilton, simply because he’s so cool, and I remember F1 was one of the game that I actually loving to watch on my TV when I was younger. To me Lewis is just a super cool person, but at that time I don’t really search about him that much, well I’ve no social media back then, and internet wasn’t a huge thing. While growing up I realised that racing game is just the same as our life into our goal(s). 

There are moments where you couldn’t finish at first, but there are moments that you can be the first one on the competition. The timing needs to be precise, and you need to focus to achieve your own goal. Lewis Hamilton’s careers also isn’t smooth as a high way road, although the road on the circuit of a racing game is super smooth, but there are obstacles on the racing court. There are those sharp turns that’s hard, and if you don’t focus enough your opponent will defeat you. By the way Lewis Hamilton make a pop career debut on Christina Aguilera’s song Pipe under the name of XNDA as people said so guys !


“I’ve got an image of  Michelangelo’s sculpture of Mary holding Jesus when she came up of the cross, so Mary’s is up of the front here, and then you see Jesus. I believe church on a Sunday thinking wow I’ve really liked in my direction where to go, so church was really my compass”- Lewis Hamilton







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