+A Ghost Story ; movie and soundtrack Review+


So A Ghost Story is a movie about a man who died from a car crashed and became a ghost. The ghost story is not depicting a vengeful ghost, or scary ghost form, but its more into a classic form of a ghost with a white sheet. Its mostly depicting of the emotional connections of the loved ones, during the life time, and after life. The memories of the ghost, and the feeling of the ghost for the wife is the most important thing from the story based on my opinion.

Rather than having a lot of jumpscare moments in the movie, and the background songs that’s intimidating the viewers, the music is also giving certain emotional connection as well. There are 2 songs that particularly really catch my ears, Daniel Hart’s History, and Dark Rooms’s I Get Overwhelmed. The soundtrack are not something that’s hyping up, considering the sad, and condolence period. But at the same time its also giving a chill moments, and sadness, considering we remembered the loved ones that are gone already.

I have to say that I’m not a fan of ghost or horror movie, but I’ve to got this one of my favourite, the story line is something that people are able to relate. And most of all they don’t have those jump scare moments. I have to say I feel bad for both the wife and the ghost, because they couldn’t be together until they’re old. Interestingly the ghost vanished after reading the letter from the wife, depicting that’s he’s finally free. I’m curious what the letter said.

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