+Memphis Depay+

“It’s a way of saying I’m in the zone. If you look at my celebration closely, you’ll see I then raise my arms to the sky. I read the Bible and I listen to God, thanks to whom I became what I wanted to be: a professional footballer.

“I did that because I enjoyed it, because I had talent and I was happy when I played. If I listen to everything that is said I’m going to change my way of being. And I don’t want to do that.” – Memphis Depay


Hii guys I hope everyone is doing well, and fine, I really enjoying my break and I guess I’m going to look for a record store. Anyhow my other current favourite athlete is non other Memphis Depay. If you’re not a football fan, now you know, I’m a fan of football games but I’m more into the fan of the players rather than the team. I really the way Memphis carrying himself, and having the motto all glory to God. I really like if a player is more than just a skill inside the court, but also outside the court, because I think its the most relatable thing ever in life, when you’re a public figure. If you don’t know Paul Pogba isn’t the only football player that able to do the rap things, but also Memphis Depay ! check it out below :), although the song is in Dutch language, but its still amazing, one of the song is featuring another football player Quincy Promes. I really hope that Memphis will drop another songs in the next future.

The other reason why I think he is also very amazing because he always put some message that able to help others, for example he always wrote some posts about God. And I think its very important because, its a message that able to put some strength to other people when they are lost, and they need to believe that they’re not alone, and they still have God that will always besides them.

Thank you God for the path you have shown me this season! I’ve done my best to work hard for you and to give thanks both on and off of the pitch. All of this is your glory!

To my fans all over the world , thank you for all of the amazing support all season long in both good and bad times I really felt the love! May the Lord bless you all 🙏🏽 #ivory

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