+traditional Korean music on popular culture+

Recently the boy group BTS jut released a new music video titled Idol, the song also composed from an inspiration by traditional Korean music. However the current K Pop fans are way too focused on streaming the music video.Back in 2013 G Dragon making a titled track called Niliria that based on the same name of Korean folk song.

The G Dragon’s song was featuring Missy Elliot, one of the greatest female rappers.the early recording G Dragon didn’t think to having Missy Elliot as a collaborator, however since he is a fan of her work  few electro and 808 flourishes thrown in the mix, “Niliria”. The mid days of YG Entertainment of having their artists with other international stars like Florida after the Heartbreaker case was incredible, and should have done the same with Winner’s Island, after Takashi 6ix9ine was accused to plagiarised Winner’s song. Anyway although there’s no a music video on this song, the song showcasing that no matter what race, and your background you can always mix up with traditional things, and work together.

On the other hand BTS is actually giving what the K Pop videos fans are missing, the extreme make up, and hair, excessive animation on the music video, that gives a punch on your face, because its interesting. A lot of K Pop music videos are now trying to look like the Western’s cinematography. Moving on, the music is talking about the perception of other people on an idol, in a way because they were trained. A lot of articles that idol aren’t able to control their artistry, and BTS try to talk about it. They have the remix version featuring Nicki Minaj. I could say they really done a fantastic marketing, because hip hop are currently huge on the music industry.

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