+This Week’s Picked+

So its Sunday here in Melbourne to recap everything on this week. Firstly there are music that were released by the week, I have Cardi B featuring Kehlani for Ring, Quavo for WORKINME, Russ for The Flute Song, Bas for Tribe featuring J Cole. Firstly if you asking me why don’t you picked BTS ?  Well I already posted about BTS on the other post, here. Firstly the whole music video that are linked below are my personally picked, I really love Cardi B, so the song is super amazing, but to be honest to top up Bodak Yellow is definitely going to hard. Some parts of the song are a little bit way to auto-tuned, but Ms Cardi keep on slaying with Kehlani got the vocal.

I also love Quavo’s WOKIN ME, because its really swaggy music video, its tells the greatness at some points, as it shows the big mansion with the whole facilities on it. There are some skit on the music video that added a little bit interesting twist on it. Anyways the song is really great for a work out music.

Finally Russ released a new music ! I really like the way the music video was directed. It shows a lot of dancers, but Russ is still able managed to be the center piece of the music video. I really like the flow of the rap parts given by Russ as well, its really showing a lot of fun moments, that depicting a party I supposed. Its almost spring here, in Australia can’t wait to go back home for summer this year, and this song is definitely the best song for the summer by the pool.

Last but not least I got Bas featuring J. Cole, I really love this song because both Bas and J. Cole are so talented. And the song is once again deeply fulled with colourful background, which added a fresh emotions, and feel. I love both Bas’s flow, and J.Cole’s I mean both are so complementing for each other, and its not their first collaboration I supposed. They both have other collaborative work such as Lit, My Nigga Just Made Bail, and Night Job.

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