+Mile 22 ; Soundtrack and Movie Review+


Firstly I’ve watched Mile 22, I could not say if I really like it or not, but I love the whole action pack. I love Iko Uwais, considering he is from Indonesia, and its amazing to see someone from my country doing well in Hollywood scenes showing that’s starting to show different cultural background on the actors. Mark Wahlberg is definitely one of the best actors, and Lauren Cohen that’s playing Maggie in Walking Dead also super amazing, and its nice to see her different from the Walking Dead’s character. Some of you guys probably wanted to see CL from 2NE1, who played as Queen. I know that some of you guys are complaining with the screening time of CL, but I personally think its okay, there are cases where famous actors also filmed as cameo, like Jason Statham on Fast and Furious 6 last scenes. Also Miyavi who played Gunpei Ikari in KONG Island, showed only in a short amount of time, but very impactful, I guess that’s what CL gave the fans. But I have to say the whole cast is super amazing, with Rounda Rousey on it, a lot of actions happening too, so if you’re a fan of jumpacked action filmed I guess you should see it.

As for the soundtrack Migos did the original soundtrack called Is You Ready funny isn’t it when you replace are for is. But anyhow the music is super amazing, again since its a music blog I’ll review the music as well. I personally think the song is really suited the theme of the movie, its very adrenaline rush type of songs, the beats is really hyping you up. As usual Migos is amazing with their music, I really like the fact that’s it reminds me with Fast and Furious soundtracks, thats also really suited the theme of the movie.But the rests of the other soundtrack are from other albums that were released before like Jay Z’s Pray. But anyhow I love the actions on the film, especially Uwais acting, and his actions.

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