+Blessed as Always+

hi guys I shared my personal story this week, it was unbelieveable, and if you scrolled down you can find musics that I suggested. But its a good thing that if you guys read the verses that I provided, it may help you in the future perhaps ❤ stay blessed, and keep worshiping God, and say give thanks peeps 🙂

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So guys I’ve been stressing out for the past week, wondering if I’m going to pass the test or not, or will I make it. To make things clear I had a quiz for 20% last semester, and I didn’t really pass I got 25%, the group work wasn’t great either I got credit 60 something. The next enemy was my exam. Over the worryness of my exam result I actually encountered bunch of interesting things in life. Anyhow the Vatican visit from last year was so incredible and I would cherish every single last moment, as I visited the church.


I know that you guys probably tired because me telling everyone about the Psalm 24 : 3, from Dele Alli’s tattoo. But the moment I saw it I opened up the bible app that sounded Psalm 23:4 New International Version (NIV) Even though I walk through the darkest valley,[aI will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. But its true guys ! I’m not lying I’m so scared to repeat a single subject, because at the end of the day I just want to spend the whole summer back at Indonesia, with my family escaping the heat, and going somewhere else with the family for a Christmas break. The thing is God is actually so good to help you out with your daily basis in a funny ways.


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A Week ago Lucas Moura scored a goal for Tottenham in a game, he later posted a story with Isaiah 55 : 6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found;call on him while he is near.” it reminds me to be close with God, and thinking about it its true. Another one was a post by Raheem Sterling with the captioned Matthew 9 : 29 “Because of your faith, it will happen”. If you’re a student like me you must know how scared it was to wait your mark. WhatsApp Image 2018-08-23 at 03.41.45Surprisingly I got 70 on the test with making it the whole total as a credit, I’m pretty happy with. Lesson learned study hard as always not only before the test, pray, and study + took a little break for yourself, relax, and believe in yourself you can do it. By the way I found a song by Kirk Franklin called I Smile its a good song. I still love Whitney Houston’s I Look to You as a song that helps me to calm down before the test, and Whittaker featuring Tyler Joseph’s Dead Come Alive, in fact because God is always with us, you shouldn’t be scared, I still learn it though. 


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