So guys I know that people are asking what is be@rbrick the thing with toys its collectible and its a hobby. There are a difference between the hypebeast type of person vs people who really like collecting items. First of all Hypebeast people are, people who trying to catch up with certain level of life style, and I don’t think I could pull that off. I’ve been a fan of Pharrell Williams since ages, even the song for my sweet 17 was Happy. Be@brick is a toy from Medicom company based in Japan, its artistic inspiration coming from movies, artists, and more, as you can see the name bear the form of the toy is bear, its made up from plastic, its size coming 100%, 400%, 1000% (correct me if I’m wrong). One of my favourite artist, Pharell Williams also one of the be@rbrick collaborator for his line I AM OTHER, but on the picture you could see him with SpongeBob. For example I don’t label people who genuinely love sneakers as a hypebeast wannabe, and I appreciate that he/she loves shoes, its the same with people who loves luxury goods, so I just prefered toys 🙂

maxresdefault (17).jpg

Why it became hype ? Well people like Pharrell, the artist Brian Donnelly or known professionally as KAWS worked with one of the most influental people these days like Kanye West. Also the founder of BAPE Nigo is also loving his art collection, hence people are getting hyped up over this things, because they thought they could be part of the hypebeast family. 

Some people mi understood when I purchase HYPEBEAST magazine, or the Highsnobiety magazine. In fact actually those magazine inspired a lot of things from music, interests, photography, and more. To be honest those magazines are not talking about the current hypebeast items, but more into the people.

People labelled me because I collecting items that’s for them is unsual, hence that’s why people like Nigo, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, KOHH, Kaws, and G Dragon, are people that I looked up too, because I feel like I’m not the only one who liking those items. I thing that’s why toys and hip hop community getting related, because its an art piece as well. Again I tried to look up for the lyric reference and I found one by far from Paloalto a South Korean Rapper. The song is Turtle Ship (Not Show Me the Money Version !!!!!). You can find it at ZICO’s bar 🙂

I got enemies I got a lotta enemies
내게 깔별로 소장되는 bearbrick

You can find the reference at ZICO part above, the Korean meaning is actually I got a lot collection of bearbrick since its pretty collectible items, so even people are hating him, he still fly with his amazing toy collection that are expensive. I really love toy so I bought the Kaws BFF Blue back 2.5 weeks ago that produced by the same company that making bearbrick aka MediCom, and I’ve been looking for the toy since ages, and finally find the store that got the toy collection, I purchase the 100% ones because its small and cute. And as an England fan I making my own customised, and I re do the other one and draw on them but it looks like Stromtrooper. I got Egsy and a glow in the dark bear as well 🙂


Collage created using TurboCollage software from www.TurboCollage.com



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