We’ve got Alli, Dele Alli, I just don’t think you understand, He only cost £5 mil, He’s better than Ozil, We’ve got Dele Alli…


The goal celebration has been viral for a week now, well I can do it but my friends seem to have difficulties on it. But anyways last week was great with 2 goals from Spurs, and Dele was part of the goal. I could say today’s game was so incredibly nerve wrecking, but with Kane breaking the August curse, that’s impressive, and with Trippier scored as well it was amazing, so my favourite players; Dele Alli, Paul Pogba, Daniel Sturridge, Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier have scored their first goal.


Anyways I’m so sorry for MIA for a few days, but I’m finally back, and I just want to say thank you for reading the blog while I haven’t post anything new or interesting. Anyhow recap for the week, definitely happy for Dele scoring, and so I’ve to made a appreciation for AJ Tracey’s False 9, and his freestyle for mentioning Dele. And to be honest that photo with Ruben Loftus-Cheek, its soooo totallyyy goodbyeeee….https78mediatumblrcomfc030cf491ac77842baf24cc5d5cf435tumblr_pbzdvsQ8W31rii3d8o1_250gifv_encodedI really hope that Dele’s performance will be as dope as his 2 seasons ago, although last season he was dope AF too, but hopefully he will be fire. And actually I really love the fact that I think he’s also a funny person outside the pitch, and yeah that’s why I love his sport.

I’m Dele Alli on the pitch
Tekkers leave him in a ditch
I’m Pochettino on the line
Man ah smoke and man ah shine

So guys since I’m more into a player cheerer rather than a team, do you guys know any grime artists mentioning your football players ? I’ve got a few lists on the blog if you guys want to check out more about it, and yeah hopefully Spurs will do well with this season, I hope you guys reading my personal stories too, and I hope its really helpful to help you out from similar problem(S). And also I really want to add few songs that are not related to Spurs or Dele, just because I think they’re such an awesome songs. Anyways I finished my drama yesterday (live ones), and although I just played one line it was an amazing experience, and its the fun one, I wore a kebaya as well (white ones). 87b29ec6-a150-4e69-989c-1dd6363871ab

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