So guys sorry for MIA for a day, I would say this time I would write about G EAZY, actually you can’t lie that’s he’s good looking lad right ? Just look at the style, its very dandy, very James Dean. The thing with rappers right now is that, they wore bunch of baggy clothes, and at some points I like clean cut looks. I know that some of his music are considered sub par by the hip hop fans, but to be honest I like some of his stuffs. I mean I love Him & I, and Me, Myself & I I really thing the two songs are super cool. Since GEAZY also directed the music video by himself, so I really love the fact that he is really involved with his own songs.

So there are times that I don’t really love the music video, because most of them are covering this sexy ladies shaking up their butt, and I don’t really like that because I don’t think its very necessary to have them on almost every single music video. But the songs that I listed are more likely to fall into the sensitive love songs, I can’t deny that’s he’s a good looking guy though.


I feel like his songs are amazing for some reason, because at the end of the day, actually making a music collective it’s not as easy as what we thought, it might seems easy as it looks, I got this YouTube and MTV subject, where I need to directed a music video, and my plan looks like shit because its not as easy as it seems. I found some of his lyrics are actually quiet romantic like the song Let’s Get Lost, Me Myself & I  seem to be relatable to younger audience, and the song with Halsey is actually awesome. To me there are some part of him that I don’t really agree with, but as a fan he made some awesome music, and actually people keep complaining, but they listen to his music.  If you don’t really like G-Eazy don’t listen to him, as simple as that but I have to admit that some of his music are awesome, and I love the song that I listed above.

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