+Nicki Minaj’s Queen Review+


So Nicki just dropped an album called Queen, she opened the hype of her album with the music video Chun Li, and she just released her new music video for Ganja Burn. I feel like Nicki is going back to the top of her game, I knew Nicki from the song Super Bass, which I think was so addictive, and still its one of my favourite song to listen to. Also to be honest with everybody, recently there’s a lot of new artists that slay like Cardi B. I love both of them, but Nicki got more competition as she’s not the only known female rapper this days, but I think for people who compare both artists should stop, as they show different artistry on their music.

Its really hard for me to pick top 3 of my favourite, visually both Ganja Burn, and Chun Li are so pleasing to the eyes, if you see her music video there are part that’s like building into certain comical, very imaginative character, and I don’t think its easy to find that kind of unique music video from an artist today. So I picked 4 songs from the album including Chun Li, Ganja Burns, Majesty, and Thought I Knew You. Firstly its been very public that Nicki wanted to collaborate with Eminem, and this time it happened.

There are various artists that got to collaborated with Nicki this time, The Weeknd that give more sensitive romantic feels on a song for track I Thought I Knew You, and for Majesty, Labrinth really give the contrast of the rap bars of Nicki Minaj, and Eminem. A lot of people said that Eminem’s part on Majesty is faster than his own track Rap God, that previously released few years back. As rumour has it the rap bars by Eminem himself is 7 syllables faster than Rap God (the the GOAT defeated himself, by himself), as you could remember Eminem also featured on Drake’s track Forever that made Kanye re write his part. I think Majesty is really the highlights of this album, I’m not sure if Eminem really stole the spotlight on this track, but that fast rapping is super amazing. As for the other tracks you could listen to Nicki’s singing voice for the track with The Weeknd, I really love Nicki’s singing voice as well, because it gives something new, her singing voice is super amazing as well. And she could go crazy for the song like Chun Li, and Ganja Burn, I really love the fact that Nicki is also such a confidence lady with her body.

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