+Guilty 2.0+


So I finally did the exam today, and honestly it was one of the most tempting moments in my life, and I failed to fight the tempts. Actually I wasn’t expected that there will be a few same questions. I actually hoping that this time I got it right. And honestly even before the exam started I even did my devotion, I just started a daily devotion program called Hope in the Dark. And I think it helps to calm your nerves as well, to be honest I’ve no idea where the invigilators aren’t strict at all, we were on a library, and the worst case ever, they let other students on that area. The thing with the toilet issues is that you can’t invade the private area, well there are students carrying their phones, and as someone that’s on the exam period, definitely is the most tempting moment, well I didn’t borrow their phones, but I just felt like they need to sterilised the whole floor. For the record I listening to a lot of gospel like Whitney Houston’s I Look to You, and When You Believe. But let me ask you guys, have you ever playing not fair ? You don’t have to answer it though, but it makes me feel guilty. The thing is that I promise myself that this will be the last moment in life that I’m going to take defer exam, and yeah. I hope that you guys don’t judge me really all along, but if you do I completely understand. I think that saying its true, you seek God when you got business, and when you don’t need anything you don’t really seek for Him.

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