+Dudley Road Records+


Hii guys I really hope that you guys are feeling well. Have you ever heard of Dudley Road Records ? If no its a music label established back in October 2017, by the football player Daniel Sturridge (the music videos are linked below). The football player who play for both England, and Liverpool, and he already played for Euro, World Cup, and the Olympic told Complex.

“The reason why I started a record label is because I’ve been very passionate about music since a very young age. I’ve always loved the management/business side of things, and was always intrigued by successful record labels. It’s something I’ve always thought I would like to do, given the opportunity and time to do so. Our aim is to give people an opportunity from not just Birmingham, but all over the world. We would love to help people build long-lasting careers.”

Even during the recent interview with ESPN during the pre season tour in the US he told the sport news channel how important the music is in his life, and his passion on making music. The record company is pretty interesting because they have grime, hip hop, R&B, dance hall, tropical type of music from the artists.

The record label already have a lot of talented artists ; Capstone Heights, Anderson 100, The. WAV, and many more. Their artists also already making few headlines on prominent music blog like Link Up (complex type of website), and Billboard. I personally really in love with the music that they put out on the internet, because I personally its interesting to listening to new artists every time I found it online. Anderson 100 recently releasing his music video on GRM Daily as well, which one of the channel that I highly recommend for other people to follow, because they offer one of the bests music to listen to. The new music by The. Wav is also suggesting a unique story behind their music WAAR, so I really can’t wait for what they future plan for the whole entire Dudley Road Records family.

Anderson 100



The. WAV

Capstone Heights 

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