+You’re Loved People !+

Hii guys so I opened up this YouVersion app, and I started to have plan, today I got Psalm 6 : 1 – 10, but I really love verse 2 “Have mercy on me, LORD, for I am faint; heal me, LORD, for my bones are agony.  For the record you’ll find some amazing songs below too as well, so enjoy reading it.


There are times when your life seems don’t really matter to you, we’re weak, worry about things that are uncertain. I took a plan called Hope in the Dark through a bible app YouVersion, not that I want to but somehow it called me. I’m worry about my exam, the result, the test everything. But actually it doesn’t help because it will make you can’t think during the exam. The thing that recently come into my mind is that “am I worthful enough ?” But today’s word is more talking that actually God is not really looking for my physical point of view, instead I’m fully loved by HIM. And to be honest if you think you’re a failure, that’s not true everybody here (earth) for a reason. There must be, if bad things happened because its part of a life, life isn’t a high way road, but if you believe in God, or let HIM helps we out, I think it will be much easier to think. I think if we complained, we forgot that there are so many bad things happened to other people too. But I think it will be hard, when we’re not confessing our weaknesses. Psalm 6 : 6-10

“I am worn out from groaning. All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. My eyes grow weak with sorrow; they fail because of all my foes. Away from me, all you who do evil, for the LORD has heard my weeping. The LORD has heard my cray for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer. All my enemies will be overwhelmed with shame and anguish; they will turn back and suddenly be put to shame.

Anyways, we’re not going to be getting the same problem(s) (or we might getting similar problem(s), but all I do hope for you guys is having your day with God, and pray, I’m still learning for I am a human as well, I’m a Christian but I’m not perfect…I’m not a judge mental person, and please enjoy my selected music playlists.

Now you’re wondering how did you get here
But don’t you give up
Until you see
How God is ordering your steps
So you can walk into your seas

So I don’t thank, my lucky stars
‘Cause that’s not where, my blessings are
No they come from, the Father’s heart
Not the sky, not chance, but truth is
I’m not lucky, I’m loved
I’m not lucky, I’m loved
I’m not lucky, I’m loved
I’m not lucky, I’m loved

Before I spoke a word, You were singing over me
You have been so, so good to me
Before I took a breath, You breathed Your life in me
You have been so, so kind to me


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