Not so long ago Kang Gary, announced his new single called Taeyang or Sun, the song featuring the artist CHANCELLOR who signed with Brand New Music. Finally GARY is coming back after sometimes. Rumour has it that the song is dedicated to his wife, but all that matter is that if he’s happy with his current life right now. As an artist definitely its hard when it comes to have a lot of work, and actually it could make you to stressing out for yourself. I’m happy that he’s enjoying his music right now, its definitely understandable when it comes to variety show, and music people are not going to take seriously on the music sides.

The song is full with summer vibes that people are going to love it, he added  “I made this song in order to look good to the person I love.” The song truly is an ode to one’s beloved, comparing her to the hot summer sun. And singer Chancellor turns it even sweeter with his featuring. – HIPHOPKR. Taeyang is his second single released after Gomin that was released on second quarter late of 2017. Both songs are definitely showing another artistry sides of GARY, I’m really looking forward to the next music release by GARY, as a fan sometimes I really want him back to Running Man show, but early this year on an interview with Sport Chosun he stated :

I wanted to focus on music but ultimately, shortly before I decided to leave the show, I found myself wondering if I’m really doing my part well on ‘Running Man’. I worked hard but I couldn’t get rid of the thought that I might actually be causing harm. 

My character was running out and I believed there isn’t much I can show more, and that thought kept circulating in my mind. Of course, at the time, my peers told me, ‘Why are you thinking that way? Don’t worry. They’re family’ but I came to think that there isn’t anything more I can do for the show. And just look at ‘Running Man’ now. They’re with new members and aren’t they so funny? I’m very happy.

Well I guess we’re going to see him more on the music scene which is amazing !!!!!!!!!! and hopefully on a program too 🙂


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